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SHRMUsing AI to Enhance the Value of PTO

Reis uses tools such as PTO Genius, an AI platform that helps companies optimize PTO and uncover hidden opportunities to improve engagement, decrease burnout...

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ForbesIt’s Never Been More Critical To Utilize Your PTO: Here’s The Startup Making It Happen

The company [PTO Genius] uses its AI-enabled software suite to calculate the best time for employees to use PTO, taking into account a company's...

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ReworkedYour Next Killer Employee Experience App: PTO

PTO Genius, located in Miami, lets companies use and convert time off to help employees fund retirement, vacations or emergency expenses.

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Human Resource Executive10 themes from HR Tech Virtual to help you prepare for the coming decade

On average, one of every two of your employees aren’t taking full advantage of their PTO benefits,” said Adam Gordon, co-founder of PTO Genius, a tech...

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Human Resource Executive3 innovations in benefits tech every HR leader needs to know about

PTO Genius has a solution that can help employers encourage employees to use their paid time off, but in a manner that remains conducive to the organization...

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Human Resource Executive2022 Top HR Product PTO Genius

The most intriguing part of PTO Genius is the way that it can provide interesting and meaningful visibility into burnout and related risks across organizational...

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WiredWould You Sell Your Vacation Days for Cash?

PTO Genius nudges employees that its algorithm guesses are at risk for burnout—based on factors like long hours and behavior changes—to take vacation ...

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Human Resource Executive3 strategies for using benefits tech to enhance EX.

Innovative providers to monitor in this space include SoFi, First Dollar and PTO Genius.

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Human Resource ExecutiveEmployee burnout is on the rise. How can HR tech help?

PTO Genius, an HRE Top HR Tech Product, offers a suite of tools that can help organizations better understand PTO-usage trends, allow employees...

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