Time Off Management

Next-Gen Time Off Tracking
and Absence Management

Smarter absence management that solves your most urgent and impactful time off problems. Save time, encourage more time off, improve time off tracking, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with effortless handling of vacations, sick time, parental leave, and other paid and unpaid time off.

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PTO Genius is so good! Employees are taking more time off, managers have better visibility, finance is happy, and I’m doing less work.

Judith Keating

Judith Keating

Director of Human Resources City of New Bedford, MA

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Save Time On Time Off

Spend less time answering questions so you can focus on more impactful work.

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Track More Time Off

Save time and money by recapturing time off employees forget to report.

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Encourage Time Off

Help employees get away by proactively surfacing the best times for them to take off

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Stay Compliant

Reduce manual time off errors with automations and built-in PTO policy auditing.

What Are Your PTO Problems?

Managing time off creates a lot of headaches for HR, managers, and employees.

avatar of a womenI used to waste so much time answering the same questions and providing tech support.

Servicing Time Off

Are you spending hours every week responding to time off-related questions and providing tech support?

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Self-service for employees

Employees can answer their own questions about time off accruals, check PTO balances, and reset their passwords.

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Self-service for managers

Managers can run their own time off reports, analyze their team’s burnout, and make informed time off decisions. 

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Get time back for other work

Save time responding to basic time off questions, so you can spend more time on more impactful HR initiatives.

Time Off Management

Save Time Managing Employee Time Off

Request, approve, track and manage vacations, sick leave, and other time off through a modern, intuitive interface.

Approve pending time off requests quickly with easy access to all the information you need to make the right decision.

Integrate Teams, Slack, iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar to request, approve, and automatically identify time off that goes unreported.

Time Off Management
Promote Time Off

Encourage Employees to Take More Time Off

Gentle nudges encourage employees to take time off when it’s been a while, or when they’re getting close to burnout.

Proactively surface the best times for employees to get away without impacting workloads.

Personalized vacation suggestions inspire employees to disconnect and recharge.

Promote Time Off
Track More Time Off

Automatically Log Time Off That Employees Forget To Report

Modern time off tracking makes it easier to record time off wherever employees already request it.

Spend less time chasing down managers about their employee’s absences with automatic identification of unreported time off.

Integrate Teams, Slack, iCal, Outlook and Google Calendar to request, approve, and automatically identify time off that goes unreported.

Track More Time Off
Time Off Insights

Quickly Identify and Reduce Burnout

Identify employees at risk of burning out and proactively notify them to take time off to recharge before it’s too late.

Gain new insights into time off trends, burnout, and potential compliance risks.

Dive deep into how managers affect burnout. Quickly identify potential engagement and discrimination issues.

Time Off Insights

User Engagement vs Other HR Software


PTO Genius


Good HR Software


Avg HR Software


Reduction in Burnout


More Time Off Used


Net Promoter Score

More Benefits of PTO Genius

Employee-centered companies use PTO Genius to build happier, healthier, and more engaged workplaces by helping everyone do more with their time off.

Help managers make better decisions

Managers can track their team’s PTO, coverage, and burnout risk, all while managing their own time off.

Help employees disconnect while away

PTO Genius automatically prompts employees to create or upload a coverage plan to reduce vacation disruption.

Easily manage all of your policies

Customize accrual rates, caps, front-loading, maximum and minimum balances, visibility, rollovers, and more.

Stay compliant with laws as they change

Policy audit checks your PTO policies and flags potential compliance violations with state and federal laws.

Help managers make better decisions
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Customer Support

We don’t just hand you the keys to the car and walk away. We take the work of PTO management off of your shoulders and give you time back to focus on other impactful HR initiatives.

Full-service onboarding

Send us your PTO policies, and we’ll do the rest to get you and your team up and running ASAP.

White-glove policy support

Our team of PTO Geniuses help you stay up-to-date on the latest time off laws and regulations.

Tech support whenever you need

With decades of experience in workplace tech, we’re always there to answer any questions you may have.

Customer Testimonials

Judith Keating

Judith Keating

Director of Human Resources, City of New Bedford, MA

I’m impressed with the PTO Genius platform and what it can do for organizations. This is the wave of the future for PTO that every HR leader should be using.
Lindy B. Smiley

Lindy B. Smiley

Global Head of Human Resources, Starwood Properties

PTO Genius is a great way for organizations to show employees that they care about their mental and financial wellbeing.
JoAnne Berrier

JoAnne Berrier

Director of Benefits, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The PTO Genius platform is a powerful way to help reduce employee burnout and improve mental wellbeing.
Aaron Ziff

Aaron Ziff

Enterprise Director, Digital & IT (HR and EHS), Parker Hannifin

Having evaluated countless software solutions as a consultant and HR technology executive for multiple Fortune 500 organizations, PTO Genius really earns its name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock the power of paid time off
PTO Genius helps employees take more time off and adds new ways to use their PTO while giving HR teams new insights into employee burnout and engagement.

Employee-focused companies use our platform to improve employee health and wellness, proactively mitigate burnout, and reduce PTO liability and other financial risks associated with unused paid time off.