PTO Payout

PTO Payout That Adapts to Your Employee’s Needs

Give your employees the ability to convert their extra vacation time into whatever matters most to them, whenever they need it: cash-outs, retirement savings, student loan payments, travel and more.

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PTO Genius is so good! Employees are taking more time off, managers have better visibility, finance is happy, and I’m doing less work.

Judith Keating

Judith Keating

Director of Human Resources City of New Bedford, MA

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Boost Employee Wellness
and Financial Peace of Mind

Improve employee wellbeing and work-life balance while lowering your organization’s PTO liabilities.

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Lower Stress

Alleviate your employees’ stress by empowering them to transform their extra PTO into financial security.

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Boost Financial Wellness

Offer your employees a responsible alternative to predatory pay-day loans, late fees, and overdrafts.

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Improve Engagement

People are more focused and productive at work when they aren’t worrying about their finances at home.

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Reduce Liabilities

Lower your financial risks associated with unused paid time off by slashing your accrued PTO balances.

PTO Payout That Adapts to Your Employees

Empower your employees to use their PTO for more things, based on their own needs and priorities.


The Personalized Evolution of PTO Cash Out

PTO cash out and payout that aligns itself with your internal policies and your employees’ priorities.

persona-imageThe flexibility of PTO Genius made it easy to align our employees’ needs and our organization’s priorities.

Flexible PTO Conversion
with PTO Genius

Unlike basic cash-out, PTO conversion with PTO Genius accounts for a wider range of employee needs by offering more channels through which to convert their paid time off.

  • Cash conversion and payout
  • Financial wellness channels
  • PTO donation and leave sharing
PTO Payout Channels

How It Works

PTO payout with PTO Genius is quick to implement, simple to use, and easy to manage.



Your employee chooses how much PTO they want to convert, and where to send it.


Convert PTO

PTO Genius approves or denies the request based on your conversion rules.


Transfer and update

We transfer the money to their account and update their PTO balances in your HRIS.

Customize Rules & Limits

Customize Rules & Limits

Easily ensure alignment with your organization’s HR goals, priorities, and compliance requirements.

  • Choose channels

    Toggle the channels employees can use for PTO payout based on your policies and priorities.

  • Set rules and limits

    Set conversion rules and guidelines, including how much PTO employees can convert, and when.

  • Ensure compliance

    Configure conversion rules by department or location to comply with internal policies and local, state and federal regulations.

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Fast, Personalized Implementation

We tailor our platform and your experience to your PTO policies, technical resources, and HRIS.

1 - 2 weeks

Low Integration

Best for companies with limited API functionality in their HRIS.

  • Partial integration with your HRIS
  • Near-time reporting and insights
  • Quick start, low effort
4 - 12 weeks

Full Integration

Best for companies that want the full capabilities and benefits of PTO Genius.

  • Full API integration with your HRIS
  • Bidirectional syncing and updating
  • Real-time reporting and insights

What You Need to Know About PTO Conversion

Here are the most frequently asked questions we hear about PTO conversion and PTO Genius.

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Our experts are always available to answer your questions about PTO conversion, compliance, and the future of employee wellness.

Customer Testimonials

Judith Keating

Judith Keating

Director of Human Resources, City of New Bedford, MA

I’m impressed with the PTO Genius platform and what it can do for organizations. This is the wave of the future for PTO that every HR leader should be using.
Lindy B. Smiley

Lindy B. Smiley

Global Head of Human Resources, Starwood Properties

PTO Genius is a great way for organizations to show employees that they care about their mental and financial wellbeing.
JoAnne Berrier

JoAnne Berrier

Director of Benefits, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The PTO Genius platform is a powerful way to help reduce employee burnout and improve mental wellbeing.
Aaron Ziff

Aaron Ziff

Enterprise Director, Digital & IT (HR and EHS), Parker Hannifin

Having evaluated countless software solutions as a consultant and HR technology executive for multiple Fortune 500 organizations, PTO Genius really earns its name.
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