PTO Genius wins grand prize at tech conference

PTO Genius wins grand prize at tech conference

After almost a year and a half of market research, legal due diligence, product development, and three successful pilots, PTO Genius officially launched.

The excitement was contagious as PTO Genius took first prize at SuperConf, one of the biggest tech conferences in Florida. “We were hopeful that we would win but the competition had some amazing tech” said Ulises I. Orozco, Co-Founder of PTO Genius. “This win brings us one step closer to our goal of help companies and employees do more with their PTO.”

With 55% of full-time US employees not using all of their PTO, and over 78% of people living paycheck-to-paycheck, there’s a lot of opportunity to help improve the lives of America’s workforce.

Second place winner CommandDot built an elegant way to supercharge productivity via easy-to-use shortcuts for email. While the teams at Artify, the popular web-based graphic editor, Approvely, and Cargologik all presented impressive and disruptive technologies across multiple business verticals. “It was really an honor to be surrounded by such an innovative group of companies,” said Orozco. “The team at PTO Genius was so happy to be featured amongst such a strong group, and we’re humbled by the results.”

With the victory comes a small cash prize and access to free services from SuperConf sponsors PostmarkSentry, and Figma. “We’re big fans of these products at PTO Genius. Some we already use daily to bring our services to enterprise.” said Orozco.

“We are all experiencing an abrupt change in our personal and work lives. A new normal is here. But for us, this award is a part of a bigger experience – an opportunity to celebrate the positivity, adaptability, and hard work that everyone involved at SuperConf displayed.” said Orozco.

The PTO Genius Mission

We’re a disruptive and innovative company that exists to improve the lives of America’s workforce by delivering transformative human capital software solutions that contribute substantially to our client’s success.

What is PTO Genius

The PTO Genius web and companion mobile helps companies increase employee engagement while reducing PTO liability. The software proactively surfaces opportunities for employees to get away and makes it easy to convert extra PTO to fund vacations, pay down student loans, contribute to retirement, or cover emergency expenses.

Built by an experienced team of HR Tech veterans with over 30 years of experience, PTO Genius is ready to help you reimagine what your PTO can do. Contact us to learn more.

PLatform in action

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